Christmas in Family: How Our Family Celebrates

You know, Christmas is the biggest occasion of us. It is celebrated on 25 December all over the world because we think the birthday of Jesus Christ is on that day. But the interesting thing is we don’t know the actual date and this date was decided by the church in the early fourth century. Since then it has become the annual religious festival for us. Moreover, in many countries people have taken the day as cultural celebration. This is the story of how I spend time during Christmas in family.

As i was saying,Christmas is the greatest festival for us, so we celebrate it in a traditional way. I always celebrate this whole day with my family.In Fact we always plan together how to celebrate. I personally believe that special occasions should be celebrated with family because there is nothing like home. Celebrating an occasion with family makes the day more joyful.

I Start Celebrating Christmas in Family with a Bang! 

Basically, my family starts celebration almost a month before the day. I know,you must be thinking why so!Actually we start planning and shopping.

First thing we do is setting up a countdown timer clock. It excites the children very much. They start saying loudly “only 7 days left!” or something like that now and then. We grown ups enjoy their such fun activities.

And, our plan for the day joining every member of the family in the hall room.You can say that it has become a tradition in our family. We always give priority to the decision of the elders.Some decisions are obvious that we need to take like buying a Christmas tree and gifts for the family members. The gift parts are on me as always. I will be writing about this a while back. Now, you may find some other options of celebrating Christmas in family here. They have made some exceptional throwbacks!

Decoration of My Home

We decorate  the whole house with little lighting. Everyone loves to  keep the decoration simple. We don’t make huge noises as we are concerned about our neighbours and also noise pollution. But I have my little cousins and nieces. For them, we make the hall room gorgeously decorated. We bring a Christmas tree and decorate it with lights and jingle bells and other stuffs. We invite our neighbours and other relatives. Thus a simple  get together party occurs.My mom and aunts make really delicious food. I eagerly wait to taste them.

In the evening,the gift giving part happens and i always get excited and a bit tensed for this. Because i choose the gifts and if anyone doesn’t like it, it makes me feel sad.My elder sister and i used to buy gifts for everyone before.But  she is married now, so i have to do it alone. Well,sometimes I take advice from my mom and granny. I always love to see the younger ones getting gifts. They become so happy that everyone can feel it.

Our family has another tradition in this occasion. We try to give some gifts to the orphans every year on this day. Every year,my dad and I go to an orphanage and spend some time with the kids. I never miss this opportunity because it really feels good to do that. I believe spreading joy makes us happier.That’s the way,my family celebrates Christmas.

Now you know my story. What is your story of Christmas in family?

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