Lose Weight Faster than Natural: No Medicine Requires!

Lose weight! Ugh!!

Yes! The first expression of every person with the problem of overweight, right? What would happen if I tell you that you do not have to run a lot or take any medicine or go to the gym every day for losing weight? Weight loss was never so easy! And, I am not telling it, but doctors are.

Physicians and nutrition experts have proven the ultimate way to lose weight. This is an evidence-based article. Stick with the process to get the most benefit.

lose weight fast

1. Why Sugar? Leave it please

I know you love sweet and sugar. Who doesn’t!

Take a moment and think either it is important to live with a slim body or to eat sugary items?

“Sugar is the new generation white poison”. Nutritionists are now considering this source of sweet as the white poison. It slows down the natural stomach operations. Our entire dietary condition is compromised when we eat sugar on a regular basis.

From a recent study at Harvard Medical School, researchers have shown that leaving sugar helps in balancing the insulin level. When your body does not require any extra insulin, there is absolutely no chance to cause type-2 diabetes.

Starches and sugar, also known as carbs is the killer of your weight loss mission. It is time to leave sugar and live a little longer and slimmer.

After you leave sugar, you can see the weight loss benefit in not more than 15 days. Sometimes, this can also quicker if you follow the other three steps.

2. Eat Properly and Proper Things to lose weight in no time!

“Proper Eating” includes “the way of eating” as well as “eating ingredients”.

Way of Eating

Chew more and more. You know what will happen? Your stomach will feel happier than before! When we eat without chewing much, it becomes hard for the stomach to breakdown every part of the food. This gives the stomach hard time. Some of the foods cannot be broken. These are the main culprit of your big tummy!

Yes. Another essential reason for chewing more is losing the interest of overeating. If you can grow the habit of chewing at least 18 times each time, you cannot eat more than the body requires.

Sit straight. Yes! You should not stay relaxed when you are eating. You are on a mission, buddy! Make it clear to your brain. Studies suggest that Japanese eating style is one of the major reasons for their extended lifespan. They live longer than anyone in the world. Who knows the sitting style might be a good reason!

Keep the food organized on your plate. Well, you must know where to start and where to finish. Organize the entire plate before eating. This helps you getting at a safe place. However, if you are like me, you should arrange a plate with multiple sections.

Eating Ingredients

Do you love nagging for the overweight? To lose weight, the first thing you need to do is make a list of your eating things. As we have already stated “no sugar and no starch”, you are free to eat the rest!

Keep a good amount of protein and fat in your diet. Vegetable should be on the place for every full meal. Vegetable gives your stomach a perfect warmth. Studies provide evidence that lifespan can be extended by dint of eating half-boiled vegetables. Does it make the Chinese food a little more demanding? I bet it does.

3. Pro Tip Lose Weight: Lift Weight 3 Times a Week

You know why 60% people cannot lose weight? Because they want it overnight. No dude. You must keep a consistent effort for losing extra weight.

This means you do not have to go to the gym every day. Rather, you can stay home half of the week and spend 1 hours lifting weight half of the week.

3 times a week in the gym improves your muscle strength. At the same time, this is beneficial for your stamina development.

7 Quick Tips For Weight Loss according to Nutritionists, Bodybuilders, and Doctors

1. Breakfast like a King: NO BRUNCH! Eat as early as you get up.

2. No upsies at night: SLEEP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

3. No Juice: AVOID JUICE, Eat fruits instead.

4. Drink Water: KEEP yourself HYDRATED all the time!

5. Observe Your Progress: Yes, observation and making mind image helps losing weight way faster than any other processes.

6. Stay Active: MOVE As MUCH as you CAN.

7. YOGA: Freehand exercises and YOGA are the most effective weight loss technique. Get admitted in a session. Make yourself more connected with the process.


“No Sugar, No starch, Eat Healthy, Go to Gym thrice a week”

Signing off for today

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“Live Long and Prosper”

Updated: December 30, 2020 — 12:11 pm

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